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September 2022 Newsletter

Welcome Fall! This is the time of year the world around us begins to burst with color! I find the changing of the leaves a great inspiration for a new quilt. 

I have returned from 2 retreats of fun & laughter with friends and much stitching. I highly recommend if you have never been on a quilting retreat, give one a try. They are very good for rejuvenating.

Christmas Quilts

I guarantee delivery by December 15th if your quilt is in my hands by October 30th! After October 30th I will do my best, but can’t promise to have your quilt by Christmas.

Preparing the Quilt Backing – Part 2

Frequently a quilt backing comes to me too small for the quilt. No matter what the size of the quilt, table topper, baby quilt or King size, all need a MINIMUM of 6″-8″ larger than the quilt top in width and length. This works well for backing fabric torn at each side.

If the backing fabric has been cut with scissors it is most likely not on grain and will need squared up. To square up the backing take a small snip on one side with scissor and tear the fabric. If it tears the full length, great, then repeat on the other side. If it does not tear the full length, take another snip, tear, and continue until you get a full-length tear. You may find that you can lose a few inches on each side. The fabric may be 1″ at snip to a width of 6″ at the opposite end. Buy an extra 1/2-1 Yard if you need to square up the fabric yourself.

Adding fabric strips to the sides of a backing that is too small is an option, but not optimal. Distortions are caused by the build-up of seams where strips are attached. This should only be a last resort.

(Always measure your quilt top, do not use the size on the pattern.)

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Vacation Dates

October 20-25

A good laugh and a long sleep are the 2 best cures for anything.
Irish Proverb

Happy Fall Y’All!